Tanzania Luxury Safari


Tanzania Luxury Climbing and Wildlife Safari.

Kilipeak Adventures will give you an unimaginable Luxury experience in the beautiful landscape of Tanzania’s beautiful destinations from the highest Mountain in Africa the Kilimanjaro Mountain to the wildlife experiences in Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, the amazing historical Olduvai Gorge museum inside Ngorongoro Conservation and many more beautiful national parks and Area in the country. The Luxury Experience continues to the wonderful beaches of Zanzibar and Pemba Islands. All accommodation and services will be provided from a five-star perspective. Tanzania has long been a crown jewel in Africa’s top safari destinations for the authenticity, luxury, and service you’ll experience there.

Luxury Experience with Kilipeak Adventure.

With famously names like the Kilimanjaro Mountain, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area as the headline act, the Luxury Tanzania experience is not only all about game viewing in the Savannah. It’s also a country of beautiful indigenous culture from Maasai, hadzabe, and Datoga people, remote forests, amazing mountains, silent lakes, and tropical beaches. The wildlife is simply stunning to a magical blend of Southern, East, and Central Africa – big game, primates, amazing bird life more than 950 bird species and that’s before you strap on your scuba gear, dolphin tour visit in an Old stone town and hit the Indian Ocean reefs in the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Impressive suites with wonderful views, elegant furnishings, and gourmet food are all non-negotiable at our beautiful and amazing five-star accommodation in Lodges, Tented Camps  and Hotels and that is before you go exploring. Spend the day come upon reef, forest, or savannah, and just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, be bowled over by the warmth of the Tanzanians. Take a look at our range of exceptional lodges, hotels, and luxury tented camps in our recommended Tanzania luxury safari Accommodations. All of the National Parks in Tanzania have Luxury Lodges available for travelers who wish to enjoy a Safari but also appreciate a Tanzania Luxury Safaris and 5 Star Luxury Accommodation.

We will reserve and book your lodges in advance so that you know you will be comfortable every night. The Kilipeak Adventures team will still make sure that you are well fed and hydrated during your adventure by providing you breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

Appreciate the conclusive Zanzibar Beach Safari Holiday. There is no better Tanzania holiday alternative than to combine the best of both Safari and Beach holidays, with a few days in Zanzibar and feel the relaxation set in.

Zanzibar Island is also an island of art, history, and culture. Stroll through the cobbled alleyways of the historic Stone town and as you pass by one of the many palace ruins and Persian baths, it is impossible not to be captivated by the strong Arabian influence and the romanticism of the Island.

Kilipeak Adventures’ mission is to provide you the best Tanzania and East Africa Luxury Experience you will ever imagine since our accommodation affiliates also provide a lot more security and privacy.

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