Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Official company details.

All Kilipeak Travel tours and adventures are operated by Kilipeak Adventure Limited, a company limited by shares registered and incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Certificate of IncorporationNo. 138969916

Tax Identification Number: 138-969-916

Value Added Tax Payer registration number: 40-314408-J

Registered addressP.O. Box 10364, Moshono, Arusha, The United Republic of Tanzania

2. Communications and correspondence

To avoid travel scams, ensure that all and any communications with us are carried out through the following channels:

3. Why travel with us

We warrant and represent that:

  • We have all the necessary licenses and permits to organize and run Mount Kilimanjaro, Meru climbing expeditions and wildlife safaris in all national park at the United Republic of Tanzania;
  • All our Kilimanjaro, Meru guides are Wilderness First Responder Certified (WFR), are licensed, have significant experience and speak English fluently.
  • Our Safari guides are more than leaders, spotters, and wildlife experts, with 10 years’ experience they understand the experience they are creating for you.
  • Limiting porter loads to 20 kg per porter, paying a fair salary, ensuring they have enough food, suitable shelter/accommodation for the duration of the trip.
  • All information that we use in marketing and advertising is true and correct. We do not exaggerate or misrepresent anything in the description of our products;
  • We are a tour operator, not a travel agency. No part of our adventures is handled by third parties with the exception of accommodation in certain hotels,
  • We also warrant and represent that your trip with Kilipeak Adventure will positively impact the developing communities of Tanzania;

We are environmentally friendly and have strict “leave-no-trace” protocols to cultivate sustainable tourism in Tanzania and preserve its natural heritage for future generations.

4. personal information treatment

We shall require certain personal information to take care of your expedition arrangements. Such information includes your full name, age, nationality, passport information, diet, and medical particulars.

Parts of this information will be made available to the administration of the Tanzania national parks for the processing of entry permits and to the accommodation providers to make your stay comfortable.

5. Booking and payment procedure

  1. 30% of the amount has to be paid for confirmation of the booking and also the funds will be used to hold the rooms. Cancellation More than 50 days before the Trip you will be refunded less 15% (Nonrefundable) of initial funds to cover- banks charges receiving and sending back, office charges and logistics already done.
  2. 70% has to be paid 30 days before the start of the trip. Booking not paid fully 30 days before will result to automatic cancellation. Client has to communicate in writing.
  3. Clients/Agents booking within four (4) weeks of tour departure are required to pay the full amount immediately to secure the reservation.

The amount shown on the invoice is the amount that needs to reflect in our account and should bank charges have been deducted, we would have to invoice you subsequently.

Please note that all transaction-related charges applicable to your payments must be covered by you. All banking commissions for both sender and receiver must be covered by you when using wire transfers. A 3.5% surcharge shall be applicable to all credit card payments.

If the deposit and final payments made to our accounts are for any reason incomplete, we shall charge you for the missing amount upon your arrival in Tanzania.

6. Amendments by you

If, after making the payments, you decide to change your travels dates, you must inform us of these changes not later than 60 days before the original starting date of your tour. Please bear in mind, that any new proposed dates must fall within one year of your original travel dates.


Cancellation by us

  • The Company reserves the right to cancel any tour at its sole and absolute discretion, without prior notification in instances where this is unavoidable. However, in that case, the Company agrees to refund all monies already paid by the client. This shall be the Company’s sole responsibility to the client and no claim for any damages, howsoever arising, shall accrue against the company.

Cancellation by the Client

Cancellations must be sent in writing to the office that confirmed the reservation.

If a booking is cancelled the client is subject to a cancellation fee as follows:

  1. A 20% cancellation fee applies for any cancellations done 49-35 days before the tour commences.
  2. A 50% cancellation fee applies for any cancellations done 35- 15 days before the departure
  3. 100% of the total package fee will be retained for cancellations done 14-0 days before the departure.
  4. All applicable refunds will be done 20 days after your cancellation has been confirmed PLEASE WRITE OFFICIAL EMAIL TO KILIPEAK AND INFORM US YOUR HAVE CANCELLED FOR CERTAIN REASON AND WE WILL ORGANISE REFUND. [email protected]
  5. Any airline bookings done via Kilipeak Adventure & Safari will be subject to the airline cancellation policy. The same applies to excursions or activities that may differ in their policy and refunds.
  6. For any amendment done during the ongoing travels, such as an early descent, a no-show for an activity, or an extension of stay, all costs, including accommodation, meals, transfer, etc. will be borne by the traveller/s and paid immediately.

8. Pricing, Surcharges and Taxes

Once we confirm your booking, the price will not be changed, except for the unlikely case of the government increasing park fees, taxes or other tourism-related payments. In such a case, a copy of the relevant public notice shall be made available to you immediately. Two options shall be available to you in case of price increase:

  • To cancel your tour and receive a refund in accordance with our cancellation policies;
  • To agree to the change of price and pay the difference to us;
  • And transportation expenses, caused by such change or disruptio

    9.Travel papers, visa, and entry to Tanzania

    It is the client’s sole responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, health certificates, proof of vaccinations and any other documentation required are all in order for the countries to be visited.

    The Company cannot be held liable for any consequences, damages or claims if the client does not attend correctly to the client’s documentation and related matters prior to commencement of the tour.

    Thus, among other things, the validity of your passport for international travel should not expire in six months after the moment of entering the territory of Tanzania. There will be at least two blank pages for the visa and stamps. You should also get a visa for entering Tanzania. Online application through the website of Tanzania Immigration Department is the most convenient and fastest way to do that.

    You are also responsible for bearing all visa and other entry-related costs.

    10. Accommodation

    Accommodation in hotels

    Our Wildlife safari and Kilimanjaro climbing tours include hotel accommodation described in the respective travel packages on our website. In some cases, however, those hotels may be fully booked. We will notify you and suggest an alternative hotel before confirming your tour and accepting payment;

    Tented accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro

    • Our Kilimanjaro climbing packages include tented accommodation on a sharing basis (2 travellers per tent). You will share a tent with your fellow-traveller. If you travel alone, we will match you with a same-sex traveller to share a tent;
    • If you want to stay in a tent alone, please inform our managers at the time of booking. Extra charges for single supplements apply. Please note that single tented accommodation on Marangu route of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru is not possible because of the park regulations;

      11.Travel insurance

      All customers traveling with Kilipeak Adventure are required to have fully comprehensive travel insurance.
      The policy needs to be valid from the date that the initial order is placed so as to provide cover for a cancellation prior to departure.
      During travel, the insurance needs to provide comprehensive medical, evacuation and repatriation cover.

      If you are climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, your insurance package should cover high-altitude trekking (up to 6,000 m/ 19858 f) and helicopter evacuation.

      You should also make sure that your insurance package provides sufficient coverage against all other relevant risks. It is also your responsibility to keep your insurance provider sufficiently informed of your travel plans and the nature of hazards and risks involved.

      12.Authority of our Kilimanjaro or Meru guides

      It is important and mandatory to follow all safety instructions and rules of our guides. A chief guide’s decision on all expedition arrangements, team management, itinerary, objectives, and any other expedition-related matters while on Kilimanjaro trek will be final.

      If in the opinion of our chief guide, your physical condition or certain actions may be reasonably harmful or dangerous to yourself or other tour participants, the chief guide may decide that you should descend (his assistant and some porters will be helping you on the way).

      13. Your liability for damaged or destroyed property

      We will charge you if you wilfully destroy or damage our property, for example, our Kilimanjaro tents, safari vehicles, personal expeditions gear that you may hire from us, hotel furniture, items and appliances and so on.

      Any indemnification for damage or destruction should be settled in Tanzania, before your departure to the home country.

      14. Luggage and valuables

      We shall not be responsible for any luggage lost, destroyed or delayed by the airliner or any transportation provider other than our company.

      If you purchased a Kilimanjaro climbing tour with us and your luggage is lost or delayed and you had your climbing gear there, we shall provide you with everything from our hiring shop free of charge. Please be mindful that we shall provide free of charge only those items that you had in your luggage. Those that you did not have would be provided at a regular cost.

      In addition, neither are we responsible for being in touch with the airliner checking the status of your lost/delayed luggage, nor are we responsible for transporting it to the hotel after it arrives. If your luggage arrives later than you, you will need to pay a luggage delivery fee of transporting the luggage from Kilimanjaro International Airport to the hotel.

      15. Marketing

      The Company reserves the right to use any photographs and videos taken during tours for marketing or any other advertising material. The client hereby gives consent to use such photographs and authorizes the Company to retain the copyright for these photographs and such material.

      Please inform our staff if you do not want your image to be captured with any photo or video cameras.

      16. The laws of Tanzania shall apply

      The laws of the United Republic of Tanzania shall apply in case of any disputes.

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